The NCW Sports Awards are not just about students who are nominated for their outstanding

performance as athletes. A very important part of our tradition is to present college tuition 

scholarships to two outstanding high school scholar ­athletes – one male and one female. 

This year alone we had nearly a dozen applicants and the selection committee congratulates all 

of the applicants. 

We invite applications from any school within our North Central Washington Sports Awards 

territory, no matter what the size. Each year applicants describe their accomplishments in 

scholastics, athletics and in extracurricular activities. They must also write a short essay titled 

“My most memorable moment in high school athletics and why it is important to me”.

The result is an impressive showing of highly talented students from all over our region who 

achieve excellence and show effort and dedication in a wide range of activities. We stress that 

these awards are given to the most well­rounded students in our region – academically, 

athletically and emotionally.