Male Athlete

Cole Christman, Wenatchee – Cross Country and Track

Trey Adams, Wenatchee – Football, Basketball and Golf

Jim Townsend, Okanogan – Football, Basketball and Baseball

Phillip Moore, Eastmont – Football and Track

Killion McGinnis, Wenatchee – Football and Track

Mason Elliott, Cashmere – Football Basketball and Baseball

Grady Miller, Wenatchee – Football, Basketball and Baseball

Dennis Merritt, Cascade – Football, Basketball and Baseball 

Timbo Taylor, Brewster – Football, Basketball and Baseball

Jose Padilla, Chelan – Football and Track

Female Athlete

Ali Sealby, Wenatchee – Soccer, Basketball and Track

Jill Townsend, Okanogan – Soccer, Basketball and Softball

Kaycee O’Brien, Cascade – Soccer, Basketball and Softball

Adrianna Simmons, Ephrata – Soccer and Softball

Markie Miller, Brewster – Volleyball, Basketball and Softball

Erin Mullins, Cascade – Cross Country and Track

Baylee Fontaine, Wenatchee – Soccer and Softball

Jessica Wierzbicki, Wenatchee – Swimming 

Breanna Knishka, Cashmere – Cross Country, Basketball and Track

Keanna Egbert, Okanogan – Soccer, basketball and Track

Male Team

Okanogan, Football

Schoolhouse, Rugby

Wenatchee, Track & Field

WV, Lacrosse

Cashmere, Baseball

Wenatchee, Baseball

WVC, Basketball

Cascade, Football

Liberty Bell, Wrestling 

Okanogan, Track & Field

Female Team

Eastmont, Bowling

Wenatchee, Swim & Dive 

WVC, Basketball

Okanogan, Basketball

Ephrata, Soccer

Pateros, Basketball

Wenatchee, Golf

Omak, Tennis

Brewster, Softball

Cascade, Volleyball

Male Team Coach

Brandon Evenson, Ephrata – Basketball

MIles Caples, Entiat – Basketball

Todd Phillips, Brewster – Baseball

Jay Hawkins, Tonasket – Football

Dennnis Tronson, Wenatchee – Soccer

Dewy Ives, Omak – Wrestling 

Erick Judd, Okanogan – Football

Jamie Richards, Chelan – Soccer

Dave Mitchell, Tonasket – Wrestling

Greg Martinez, Quincy – Wrestling

Female Team Coach

Shelly Pflugrath, WVC – Softball

Hillary Coomes, Ephrata – Soccer

Rachel Goetz, WVC – Basketball

James Elwynn, Wenatchee – Swim & Dive

Bryan Boesel, Okanogan – Basketball

Julie Cannon, Entiat – Track & Field

Lincoln Post, Liberty Bell – Soccer 

Brent Darnell, Cashmere – Basketball

Mike Bourn, Oroville – Basketball

Donene Hendricks, Chelan – Volleyball